Morris Park Nursing and Rehabilitation

We crafted the brand identity for Morris Park Nursing & Rehabilitation to express the scenic quality of the estate, including its new private garden.

We created an upscale holiday party invitation that celebrates the wonder of winter with purple pine nettles, snowy white, and a hint of shimmering diamond. The vibrant brochure design combines striking visuals and clean layout for an informative piece that is readily understood.

As a trusted brand, Morris Park wanted their website to have a warm, established look, while showcasing the modern style of their multi-million dollar renovation.

The bright white space hints at cutting-edge professionalism, while the colorful garden theme expresses warmth and beauty, accentuating the family-like atmosphere.

Launch Website.

Once again, you did an unbelievable job. Just look at the level of sophistication in each of your designs. Simply unparalleled.

Justin Weinberg
Administrator, Morris Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

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