Alpha Student Support

Alpha Student Support is a leading school-based support agency with a comprehensive network of educational services. Alpha focuses on providing the tools necessary to empower individual success.

The logo that we developed uses customized typography, with a’s that are shaped like speech bubbles, to emphasize the importance of communication. The rounded triangle that follows Alpha symbolizes strength, upward growth, and building block as well as the three-point connection between parent, child and educator.

Charna has been a real pleasure to work with as she and her team beat our expectations many times over. Charna’s genuine talent, design expertise, and creativity in branding are truly unmatched.

I highly recommend Charna & her team to anyone who wants to grow their business’ brand professionally. I look forward to an on-going working relationship with Charna and her team at #cbdesign.

Yosef Jalas
Executive Director, Alpha Student Support

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